Writing good copy

Good writing needs to have interesting vocabulary, correct grammar and perfect punctuation.

As writing a blog post, ad campaign, or even an engaging email requires personality and feeling to captivate the reader.

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, stories and ideas is essential for digital content, but why not let technology help in making you a better writer?

To help develop your digital content, we’ve put together a collection of apps that will strengthen your online writing game to the next level.

Our top apps for writing content digitally

Caption: An example of using Grammarly in WordPress.

If you are confident with your ability to write but would like to check for grammatical errors, spelling and word suggestions, then Grammarly is your friend.

The app uses an algorithm that has analysed millions of sentences to really establish what makes good writing content.

Grammarly was used to check writing formalities like spelling and grammar, but over the years they have added feedback to help you overcome poor word choice; vagueness, and even plagiarism.

  • Red underlines provide suggestions for punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • Blue underlines state the need for clarity or conciseness improvements.
  • Green underlines offer guidance to make your writing more engaging to the reader.
  • Purple underlines suggest improving politeness, friendliness and formality.

Grammarly is easy to download onto your internet browser and will provide guidance on social media platforms and most other websites such as WordPress.

Caption: Using the Hemingway app through their website.

An important rule for online writing content is understandable phrases and texts.

Ernest Hemingway was famously known for his simplistic, short style, which is the purpose of this app.

If you’re wanting a quick and fast correction tool, then Hemingway is one of the best to use.

It allows you to edit blog posts, email content and any other digital writing formats.

You just simply copy and paste your content to see your instant evaluation and an automated readability indexer grades your writing and studies how easy your piece is to read.

The app analyses adverbs and uses of passive voices whilst also highlighting where sentences may be hard to read or if a phrase may have a simpler alternative.

Any grade below 9 is considered good and therefore, clear to the reader.

10 is considered okay and anything higher will need some further improvements.

Not only does Hemingway work for everyone but it’s cost-effective, as it’s available online free of charge!

A one-off payment option is available too, which allows you to download the app on your desktop, which can then be used offline too.

Caption: Using the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to analyse reliability scores.

For your writing to reach a large audience, it’s crucial that it’s written and structured well.

Helps to optimise written content with keywords

Before creating good digital content, it’s essential that you carry out keyword research. This includes a list of words that you know your audience will be searching for.

Keyword research makes sure that you are using the same words as your target audience and will. therefore, boosts the organic traffic of your content through search engines if the content is indexable.

When editing your text on a platform like WordPress, the Yoast SEO plug-in will be useful for SEO copywriting. As it guides you on how to optimises text for search engines (given you have your keywords ready) and makes your writing more user-friendly.

Helps to improve readability

This plugin suggests optimising your blog post or article but doesn’t affect the originality of the idea, which is a key factor when copywriting.

The readability analysis provides adjustments which make you aware of long sentences and if you are using a passive voice (which weakens your writing).

Content designer Sarah Richards said that by making your writing more readable “You’re not dumbing down, you’re opening up”. You are growing your audience as more people can understand the message you are wishing to paint.

Helps with internal and external linking

Yoast SEO also provides details on how you should internal and external links within your content (which is great for search engines, in order to help improve relevance within content).

The premium version of Yoast SEO provides a system where it even can suggest links you should include within your post (a page or blog post), by analysing similar terms used throughout other posts.

Alternatively, you could always hire a content marketing agency which could provide you with copywriting services, as well as find keywords that will help your content rank in search engines.

Caption: Using Google Docs to add comments and suggest edits to colleagues.

Another app that we would recommend as one of the best to really push your writing from good to great would be Google Docs.

Integrate apps within Google Docs

You will have access to many similar apps such as Microsoft Word, for example, however, you’ll get the most from using Google Docs by having add-ons that can enhance your writing.

GDoc SEO Assistant (an add-on for Google Docs) provides four main features to help writers, bloggers and online marketers;

  1. Overall content SEO scoring that is based on Google’s ranking factors,
  2. SEO suggestions in order to optimise content,
  3. Related keywords in order to improve the relevancy of the content,
  4. Keyword data to help provide relevant insights on the keywords used (e.g. monthly search volumes).

Collaborate with other writers

If you’re a part of a team, it might be important for providing or receiving feedback and also tracking changes within your content.

Google Docs has a great feature where more than one writer can be using the doc in real-time, as well as highlight notes for relevance.

Caption: Using Write Upon Demand’s free readability checker.

Finally, an extra app which will make your digital content excellent is our free readability checker.

The calculation that is used is based on the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease formula. It was published by Rudolph Flesch in 1948 and has worldwide recognition for its accuracy.

It scores your writing on how easy it is to read. This scale runs from 0–100 and the higher the score, the more reader-friendly it is. For example, a score of 82 will be understandable to an average 12–15-year-old.

This is an essential tool for content writers, enabling their writing to reach a larger audience by being more readable.

So which is the best app?

There are many apps and tools that can improve your content and relevance to your audience.

In order to determine which app is best for digital writing, we’d say it’s a mix of them all (where possible).

As at Write Upon Demand;

  1. We use Google Docs to write the initial content,
  2. Have Grammarly enabled when writing,
  3. Publish into WordPress and further optimise with Yoast SEO.

Our final suggestions would be to acknowledge that it’s important to tailor your writing to the topic and audience’s needs and to simply start using a few of these apps, as they will help you take your written digital content to the next level.

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