Writing good copy

A successful blog is often reliant on its followers.

Encouraging more comments and a higher engagement can have several benefits for your blog; by improving your online credibility, providing real feedback and developing a community around your brand.

Below we outline some key factors which can help to increase comments and support the growth of your blog.

Common ways to increase blog comments

1. Ask questions

Each blog post should invite your readers into a conversation.

Open up a two-way dialogue with regular questions and an opportunity for your reader to have their say.

No blog post should be written one-sided and readers will appreciate a direct invitation to become involved.

Asking for opinions will encourage your readers to not only respond, but engage with each other and help to build a community.

According to Optinmonster, directing your audience to comment on certain topics can effectively increase the number of valuable keywords on your page.

Therefore, with more keywords, your blog could even rank higher on Google!

2. Add emotion

Blog posts on an emotive subject are likely to get the best response from your audience.

Evoking an emotional response from your audience will encourage them to share their own experiences and stories on your comments section.

2.1 Include author-bios

Caption: Rahul’s author card.

Including an author-bio can also add some personalisation to your blog. If your audience knows who they’re responding too, they are more likely to relate to your situation and leave a comment.

3. Pick the right blog topics

When choosing your blog post topics, it’s important to relate to your audience’s own views and opinions to increase engagement.

A controversial topic may be a good idea if it aligns with your audience, as they are more likely to share the piece if they share your view.

However, it’s important to not seem aggressive but rather open up a discussion about a topic you are passionate about.

3.1. Use BuzzSumo to understand what's socially popular

Source: buzzsumo.com

BuzzSumo is a great tool to see if certain topics are being shared on social feeds. Therefore, it’s worth checking before you begin writing to determine whether it’s a topic worth discussing.

4. Share across all platforms

Social media is an effective tool for increasing traffic to your website.

Make sure you share your blog posts across all your platforms to increase the likelihood of comments.

It may also be worth asking questions when sharing your posts to encourage your audience to engage with a specific topic or opinion.

5. Respond to comments

Now you have set up your blog posts to receive a higher volume of comments from your audience, you should respond to them too.

Responding to comments will build a sense of community around your blog and your audience will feel their feedback is valued.

Additionally, many people feel a blog post is worth commenting on if they are likely to get a response from the author.

6. Close comments

Popular blogs often place a deadline on their comments section, in order to encourage their audience to comment immediately.

This not only helps build a sense of scarcity but also helps the admin not constantly rejecting spammy comments on the dozens of articles that they’ve posted in the past.

For websites that don’t have a blog or comment section

If your website doesn’t have a blog or comment section whatsoever, then we suggest you get one as soon as possible.

Not only do these help with SEO but you could be missing out on all the engagement with your visitors too.

With that said, Connect Insolvency is a company which relies solely upon using social media in order to engage with their visitors.

Not only do they not have comments on their website, but they also don’t have a blog at all. In fact, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is their “blog” — encouraging comments to the max!

This wouldn’t be considered good practice for SEO if they’re wanting to rank on Google. However, it still brings in referral traffic through social media channels, which could equally be considered as good traffic in general.

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