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In today’s content-saturated market, people have plenty of options when it comes to browsing content; they no longer waste time on content that they don’t enjoy.

Anyone can write, post, and publish an article in this information age; in fact, the definition of an article itself has become a very blurred line. The distinction between a good interesting article and a bad boring article, however, remains very much defined.

This should be the key focus when creating your article.

Article writing can be quite tricky as it requires you to use the correct techniques, answer the right questions, and format the article in the best way possible. However, if you choose the right topic, write engagingly and use tricks to keep them hooked, then you will be writing great articles in no time.

Tips & tricks to make articles interesting

Focus on your topic

Do your research. Writing your article will be much easier if you are up to date with the topic you would like to write. By making it a practical topic, it will naturally be more interesting for the reader. Focus on writing about subjects that your reader can use in real life.

For example, SR1 Development, a software and IT consulting company, have recently blogged about helping professional service companies manage client documents. This is practical and their target audience will be able to use this information in real life.

Of course, some topics don’t lend themselves to this level of practicality, which requires some more creativity on your part.

Rather than writing a review, try writing a buyer’s guide. Another idea can be writing an instructional piece on how to use a new product, or highlight the advantages/disadvantages of it.

Write in a casual, personal voice

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One way to make your article more interesting is to write in a consistent brand voice. Whether the voice will be formal or more relaxed depends on your target audience. If you’re writing a blog, try to use a more casual, conversational approach to liven up the piece.

Many brands want their voices to be professional, authoritative, and distinguished. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it can cause the article to sound bland, heavy, and uninteresting for the reader.

Even boring or flat topics can be livened up by metaphors. Try making your article more interesting by adding in a playful comparison; a mundane topic is the perfect opportunity to get creative!

Compare your subject matter to something more familiar or interesting that may connect better with your target audience.

Make your content actionable

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Although some posts and news can be interesting, there’s no better way to spice up your article than by making your content actionable. Make a list or write steps as a guide for readers in the body of the article so that the subject matter becomes more practical.

Not only can the reader understand the information more clearly, but they can also apply the article to their own life.

If you’re struggling to find things to write about, have a look at our article on how to find new content ideas.

Include images and videos

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Writing creative content is probably the most useful in terms of optimising your site for SEO, but images and videos can transform a written piece from boring to captivating.

32% of marketers say the use of visuals is the most valuable content for their business, with blogging being the second (27%) …so why not mix both together?

Including an image or video within an article or blog post will grab the reader’s attention better than a block of text, making people more likely to read the content that accompanies the image.

Apply your content to different trends

The general rule for content strategies is that your article should be valuable in years to come. However, if you’re looking for a short-term burst to make your content more interesting, have a look at current trends that interest your target audience.

Research recent industry news that have shaken up the market, or wider public incidents that have created a lot of attention. Try to incorporate these into your articles and, if possible, consider incorporating relevant current case studies or examples.

Use unique facts and statistics

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Try to include more original statistics and facts wherever possible. Users will feel more connected to the information they are reading if they can see how it’s applied or used in real life.

It is always best if you can research and collect the data yourself, as you can earn some links from others referencing your statistics. However, you can also use third party authorities — just make sure to check their reliability first!

Make it concise

Technical and niche industries often create long-winded, descriptive content than can sometimes lose the reader’s interest. When writing your own piece, make concise points and highlight them to draw the reader’s attention.

This will make your article more scannable to the reader, as they can skim the parts that are not relevant to them and focus on the points that do catch their interest.

To write an interesting article, measure how effective your current content is and make one change at a time. By creating interesting content, it will not only attract more visitors, but will make more personal connections with potential customers and increase your conversion rate.

Even if your subject matter isn’t the most interesting or ‘cool’, these tips should help make your content more engaging and appealing to your target audience.

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